How To Make Sure Your Leather Work Boots Last Through The Winter

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If you're got a nice pair of leather work boots, and you work outside, then you should take care of them so that they can withstand the harsh conditions this winter. The snow, mud, and salt can do serious damage to your boots if you don't take proper care of them. Below are four things you should have on hand so that you will be able to care for your boots and see them through the tough weather.

Leather Cleaner

You are going to want to wash your boots to remove mud and dirt. Most importantly, it's crucial that you remove the salt. The salt that is spread around the streets in order to melt snow is highly corrosive to the leather and soles of your boots, so you will want to clean your boots regularly. However, you should not use soap and water. This can damage the leather. Choose a special leather cleaner that has been designed for boots.

A Soft Boot Brush

A special brush that is designed for use with boots is going to be firm enough to brush away the dirt but gentle enough to not damage the leather. If you use a brush that is meant for scrubbing anything else, it might be too harsh and can tear up the stitching on your boots. This is a major problem and will require you to get a shoe repair person to restitch. So avoid this problem by using a boot brush.

Leather Lotion (Conditioner)

After the dirt, mud, and salt has been removed from the boots, you will want to apply a leather lotion. This lotion will protect the leather and stitching. If your boots leather dries out, the stitching will begin to break, not to mention the leather will crack. You can apply the lotion with a soft cloth. Make sure to get a neutral color lotion. You are not looking for polish. Just to be safe, when you first are applying the lotion, test it out on a very small section of the boot to see if there is any discoloration.

Shoe Tree

You should also get a shoe tree. These are used to help keep the form of the boot. You might associate them with dress shoes, but they are also helpful with leather boots. During the winter, the leather can get damp and you don't want it to dry out when not in form. This is why it's important to use the trees at night. The tree will keep the form for your boot after a day in the wet snow. Otherwise, at the end of the season, there might be deep creases in the front of your boot, which will eventually weaken and crack.

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