Beyond the Black Dress: Formal Wear for Women

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If you are not comfortable wearing a dress, but you still want to look great, you have options. While many women still choose the little black dress for occasions from weddings to funerals, the variety of tuxedo jackets and formal wear made for women is worth considering. Whether you are looking for a pantsuit to wear to a formal event for work, or you want an outfit in your closet ready to go when you need to look sharp but understated, a tuxedo designed for women can give you the look you seek without having to wear a dress.


While many women love wearing a dress, they just aren't practical for some. If the weather is cold, a dress can leave too much of the body unprotected from the elements. When you are attending an event that is outdoors, or you will need to spend time walking outside, a suit is easier to wear. You can even wear an additional layer beneath your suit pants if you are sensitive to the cold, and it won't be noticeable. A black pantsuit is perfect when you have to attend a funeral and you will be outside for much of the service.


A black tuxedo jacket made for women is a sophisticated choice. Once you have a beautifully made black suit, what you wear with the suit can make a big difference. When you are going out for the night, the right jewelry and heels can bring an understated black suit to life. You can even choose a black jacket that has tails, although the cut will be a change from a tuxedo jacket made for men. Women look great in formal suits, especially when the suit is tailored to fit the woman perfectly.


The color and style of the shirt you wear beneath your jacket will say a lot about your personal style. Whether you choose a shirt with a wide collar, or one that is brightly colored, this is where you can create a style all your own. While men tend to wear particular ties to differentiate their look from others, women often wear more vibrant colors, scarves, and lapel accessories such as pins. 

How you accessorize your look can make a black suit go from the office to a night out on the town. Choosing the right suit that fits you well is important for women, and a tailored fit is best